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The Worldport Shipping & Logistics is a total logistics system provider to all over the world. We provide consistent, dependable and professional logistics services to the Shipping World.

Since our inception in 2002 in  Mumbai,  India, we have worked to put top-of-the-line systems in place. International Freight Forwarding Company incorporated to facilitate modest Shipping Service network the globally both by Sea and Air. The company has vast experience in Ocean Transport & Multimodal Transport. The result is that Worldport Shipping has emerged as one of the strongest process-driven logistics companies in  India. 

We are very happy to provide our customers with high service level in freight forwarding and cargo clearance. Our mission is to achieve maximum satisfaction from our customers through competitive price, cost saving, and quality service.

We are confident to give you a complete advantage in handling skill which was experienced by ourselves during many years working in the transportation of cargos. With utilizing the support of information techniques, we give you a convenient tracking system that you can easily make a tracing status of your cargo at any time once you have released your cargo to our hand.  

Working with us, we will make your business go smoothly and we deeply appreciate the opportunity to co-operate with you.